Scaling Team

Whether it’s developing a customer platform, a SaaS solution, an end-to-business application, or a custom mobile app, get additional expertise on board with us. Our team of experts is ready to work hand-in-hand with you to create innovative and effective solutions.

When a scaling team brings added value


Winning team lineup

A strong and experienced team is the cornerstone for a successful project. By selectively bringing together team members who have already worked together successfully in the past, you can establish an effective and efficient way of working right from the start and save time and money on recruiting, onboarding and training new employees.


Focus on your skills

By working with a team augmentation partner, companies can focus internal resources on their core competencies and familiar tasks. Specific activities can be delegated to the external team. For example, if the company lacks frontend or project management expertise, we seamlessly add them to the existing team.


New perspectives

By working with an external team, companies gain access to different backgrounds and ways of thinking. This can lead to expanded creativity, innovation and new perspectives that help solve complex problems. We are not just there to do our job, but always aim to go the extra mile to deliver the most value for our clients.



Our Scaling Team partnership allows companies to scale their teams according to the needs of their projects. Additional resources can be added during peak periods or large projects, while they can be reduced during quieter times. This optimizes resource utilization and increases efficiency.

Team augmentation


Scaling Team describes the extension of your team by external experts to handle special projects or tasks. With our Team Augmentation Service, we offer you the possibility to react quickly and flexibly to changes in your company. We provide you with experienced professionals who are seamlessly integrated into your team and help you achieve your goals. This allows you to focus on your core business while we take care of your augmented requirements. By working with our experts, you can add specific skills to your team that may not be available internally. This can help you develop innovative solutions and increase your competitiveness. Our experts also bring fresh perspectives and ideas that can help take your projects to the next level.

Why should you work with us?


Quality assurance

We pay great attention to quality assurance and ensure that the resources provided have the required skills and competencies. Through our selection process and continuous monitoring, we ensure that only highly qualified and reliable team members work on your project.


Quick project start

The project needs the right support quickly? That’s no problem! Our team can be ready to go within a few weeks. New technologies, industries and processes are commonplace for us.


Longterm partnership

We strive for long-term partnerships with our customers. Through close cooperation, an understanding of customers’ individual needs and the delivery of high-quality services, we create a basis for long-term cooperation based on trust.


Expertise and experience

We bring specialized knowledge and expertise. With a wide range of technologies, UI/UX know-how and many years of project management experience, we bring everything that makes the collaboration a success.


No Risk, more fun

Fed up with the risk associated with some service providers? We maintain transparent communication with customers and ensure that all requirements, goals and expectations are clearly understood.



We offer flexibility and scalability to meet individual client requirements. We can adjust the team based on project scope and resource needs to ensure the right support is always available.

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